on-the-go family planner

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  • Give yourself time to shop. Note birthdays at the start of each month
  • Start with what you know (practices/lessons) then work around
  • Stop rewriting. Shapes can signify reoccurring events
  • Review upcoming weeks with the family
  • The “mine” section in the Organizher grid can include appointments, to do lists, shopping lists, or daily goals
  • Try using the “theirs” section in the Organizher grid to keep track of where everyone is headed — or to track chores and homework
  • Go ahead, schedule some “me” time

on-the-go family planner

Meet your constant companion for a life in constant motion. Your planner gives you a weekly view with a clear division between your section and theirs (with more room for them of course). It’s the perfect tool to help you focus, plan and act at any given moment. The On-The-Go Family Planner is dated from July 2017 to June 2018.

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