weekly wall calendar

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  • Give yourself time to shop. Note birthdays at the start of each month
  • Start with what you know (practices/lessons) then work around
  • Stop rewriting. Shapes can signify reoccurring events
  • Review upcoming weeks with the family
  • The “mine” section in the Organizher grid can include appointments, to do lists, shopping lists, or daily goals
  • Try using the “theirs” section in the Organizher grid to keep track of where everyone is headed — or to track chores and homework
  • Go ahead, schedule some “me” time

weekly wall calendar

The Weekly Wall Calendar helps you simplify, seven days at a time. It provides designated spaces for each family member’s schedule as well as a clear plastic overlay — perfect for transferring repeating events from week to week. There’s even a handy tear away to-do list on each page.

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