large notebook

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  • Dedicate spaces for everything — bills, documents, receipts
  • Make 1 weekly list. Whatever isn’t checked off moves to next week
  • Pitch it. It’s okay to toss birthday cards and thank you notes
  • Delete. Digital clutter can be as overwhelming as paper
  • Involve the family. Give individuals ownership of different to-do’s

large notebook

Switching between your planner, to-do list, project list, and journal is tiring. So we put everything you need into one grand product; your monthly planner, list maker, and journal. Now you can see everything that’s important to you on one open page with specific areas for your plans, to-dos, projects, and spot to jot down personal reminders! Catch a quick glance at this page and you’ll know everything you need to do and what’s coming up. But what about your notes? No worries, you have plenty of space to write them all out in a bright and colorful space! The Monthly+Notes Planner has all the space you need to organize your life in one spot! 12 month undated planner from July – June.

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