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Use some of these great (and free) additions to your weekly plan!

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  • Stick to the basics. 5 new recipes every week sounds exciting but could turn stressful
  • Keep past meal plans for reference when you’re out of ideas
  • Don’t share your kids’ affinity for nuggets? Customize your meal plan with an area for adults and one for kids
  • Avoid disappointment by asking for input from the family
  • Be flexible. It’s okay to erase the meal and order a pizza
  • Double the batch. Sunday’s chili can also be Wednesday’s dinner

shopping companion

*Manage your “to buy” lists with an organizer that keeps you focused and frugal, both online and off. With guided shopping lists, space for online retailer info and storage for things like shopper cards, receipts and coupons, you’ll be ready to buy, save and return at any time.

Available online only.

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