expense tracker

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Use some of these great (and free) additions to your weekly plan!

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  • Keep a log (even for a week). See how things add up
  • Designate a day and time each month/week to knock your bills out all at once
  • Don’t sweat it. Sometimes things come up
  • Plan. Get a clear picture of what you have to spend (and what you don’t)
  • Set a goal. It’s easier to save when you have a prize in sight

expense tracker

Discover a flair for the financial. The sheets inside will help guide you toward a budget while the 12 monthly pockets can hold bills and receipts. You can also add bank statements and printouts using Tech Lock® rings or by tucking them into one of two clear folders. Functions as a financial home base to the Organizher On-the-Go Expense Tracker.

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