Which blend of products will meet your daily challenges?

Bring balance to your home with product combinations that work in harmony — helping you
organize, schedule, track and plan.

  • Ico-scheduling scheduling


    Now you can keep you and your family on schedule whether in the kitchen or the car. This system includes a dry erase calendar for the whole family to reference, as well as a corresponding planner that is specially designed to be a quick reference for w...

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  • Ico-organization organization


    Being late is only fashionable if it’s by choice. This system centralizes your schedules, your paperwork and even your in-house communications so that you and your family will stay on top of today’s: where, what, and when.

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  • Ico-meal-planning meal planning


    Good eating begins with good planning. This system will help you craft your menu and create a foolproof shopping list. Try it out and see how your grocery trips can be deliciously simplified and your fridge perfectly stocked for dining in.

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  • Ico-expense-tracking expense tracking


    Know when to save, spend and splurge. This system helps you become fashionably frugal by helping you set your budget, track your spending and measure your progress — all while generating new opportunities to save.

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